Arca Financial Group


Arca: A box of money, a safe…particularly for the rich.
Source: The “Lewis and Short Latin Dictionary”

Arca Financial Group is a founding member of Barrington Wealth Partners.

They are one of Waterloo Region’s largest independent Retirement, Insurance, Estate and Business Succession Planning Firms, with a team of over twenty-seven advisors and staff. Each member of their advisory team shares specialized areas of expertise, giving them the unique ability to offer their dynamic, interactive planning process to help implement insurance and investment solutions that solve their client’s Wealth Management issues.

Arca Financial Group works with clients who take a proactive stance in planning for their future. They actively partner with clients to ease financial concern by organizing, creating and protecting family wealth and enhancing current lifestyles for all future generations.

They believe in …

  • taking an interactive and dynamic financial planning approach
  • spending a considerable amount of time, during the planning process, to listen to and truly understand their clients
  • partnering with the accountants, lawyers and lending professionals of their clients to ensure a fully integrated plan
  • serving clients as independent financial advisors who can survey the marketplace and select financial solutions that best fit the unique objectives of each client
  • taking a synergistic team approach within Arca financial and attracting knowledgeable, talented and principled team members to serve their clients
  • providing the best advice by acting exclusively as a personal CFO
  • actively staying in touch with their clients and taking part in every critical financial decision
  • enhancing the lives of their clients and developing indispensible relationships for all future generations

People who care, plans that perform

“Undoubtedly the financial industry, along with the rest of the world, is evolving quickly. In order to stay at a competitive level it only makes sense to come together with others who are in a similar situation. Arca was founded on this principle - a group of advisors with common goals, a common vision and therefore a common future. Barrington will serve to enhance this vision.”
John Lunz, CFP


Mailing Address:

237 Labrador Drive
Waterloo, Ontario
N2K 4M8
Phone: (519) 745-8500
Fax: (519) 745-8283
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John Lunz, President
Financial Advisor

Bill Vollmer, Principal
Financial Advisor

Mark Leech, Principal
Financial Advisor