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TK Financial Group provides integrated financial services to corporate, self-employed and professional clientele. We are one of Ottawa's leading independent professional financial advisor firms with a proven solutions approach to serving client's needs.

More than twenty years ago a vision was born; a vision of an independent brokerage company that has their client's best interests at heart; a company that is dedicated, that takes every opportunity to get to know its clients on a personal level, that develops long-lasting relationships in order to deliver professional advice and service. As time went by, our company and our family grew and right now our team of professionals has more than a century of combined experience with one goal in mind: to advise future and existing clients in how they can gain control of their future, by staying protected in the face of adversities and by protecting their loved ones while taking the edge off their sleepless nights. Ultimately we want to help them to be financially better off. Our clients have made good use of the TK Financial Group professional advice to create unique strategies that meet their needs while achieving their overall goals.

As an independently Canadian owned company, our team is specialized in tailoring the services to meet your needs by researching and keeping up to date on legislation and current market trends. Unlike most financial institutions that focus on selling a specific product, at TK Financial Group we do not just sell them, we make use of the products that are on the market to create a unique plan of action in order to help you be prosperous, protect your assets, protect you as an individual and your loved ones, while minimizing the negative impact of the fluctuations in the market. This approach has helped us provide an excellent service to our clients while aiding them in accumulating wealth by using the tax-planning advantages and the risk management approach. Our belief in creating the perfect financial strategy is understanding your wishes and leaving no holes in your plan.

Our promise here at TK Financial Group is that you will always be treated as part of our family and be rest assured that we have your best interests at heart. We make a concentrated effort to build strong bonds that will enable us in working together to achieve your goals.

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Milan Topolovec, President
Financial Advisor